Austin Huus, 2014/2015 Youth Ambassador

Written by Austin’s mother, Lisa.
Austin was born on January 6, 2009 with Meconium ileus and ended up in ICU before his discharge. It was there that we were told he possibly had CF, which we later learned was the case.
He spent 18 days in ICU and we began our journey learning about cystic fibrosis and caring for someone who has it. Austin has two DeltaF508 genes and has both respiratory and digestive issues with his CF.  He takes a whole list of oral and nebulized medications throughout the day to maintain his CF, along with chest physiotherapy twice a day. Treatments have been forced to every four hours when respiratory illnesses take a hold on Austin. He has taken part in two clinical trials to help doctors find new treatments and medicines for those with CF.Austin

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CFA Spotlight: Ashlee

Ashlee looks like any other college student; blonde haired and bubbly, this nursing student appears to be the picture of health.Ashlee, Breathe Easier

The truth is, Ashlee has to work just as hard to stay healthy as she does to keep her grades up. Ashlee has cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disease that causes a thick, sticky mucous that clogs the lungs and blocks enzymes from being released from the pancreas. CF is often thought of as just a lung disease, but the more we find out about this condition we know that it affects nearly every body system.Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Help

5 easy ways to help

I have good news for you, and then some bad news. The good news is that medications and treatments for CF are showing amazing promise! A child born with CF today has a predicted lifespan similar to their peers without CF. However, the bad news is that this treatment does not come without a price tag. Some of these medications can cost as much as (or more than) $300,000 a year!! The pharmaceutical companies have some assistance programs in place, and health insurance picks up even more of the cost, but our friends with CF are still left with staggering prescription costs. CFA is honored to step in and help, but this is where YOU come in!

 Please raise your hand if you would like to help our friends with cystic fibrosis to breathe easier.

 Helping our friends is simpler than ever!  We have so many ways to help, and some can be done without even having to leave home!

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