6th Annual Run/Walk In Memory of Sonia

Cystic Fibrosis is a tricky disease.

Obviously the person living with CF is most affected. But there is a ripple effect with cystic fibrosis. The disease eventually touches all of those who surround the patient.

There is no better example of this than Sonia. soniaphoto

Sonia Balliet-Heidenreich was diagnosed with CF at five months of age. She spent her life in and out of doctors’ offices for both routine check-ups and prolonged intravenous doses of antibiotics to fight persistent lung infections. She spent nearly 4 hours a day taking medications, undergoing medical treatments and cleaning and preparing for the next round of treatments. In addition, she spent numerous nights/days traveling to clinics and hospitals where she could receive proper care at a location accredited for cystic fibrosis patients. Even while spending a great portion of her life fighting her own illness, she still spent her days helping others with CF through blogs, online support groups, over the phone, and through e-mail. Even during the last months of her life when the infections in her lungs were overwhelming her she still continued to support the CF community.Read More »